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Through her jewelry, Alana encourages women to channel their inner and outer beauty as an expression of their personal power and self-realization. Women, in return, share their appreciation and gratitude for Alana's designs and generous spirit.

"Alana Leigh is one of the deepest and most supportive human beings I know and her jewelry reflects that depth, love and commitment to empowering women. Not to mention, it's beautiful."

Jennifer Seibel Newsom - filmmaker (Miss Representation; 2011 Sundance Official Selection), actress, activist and wife of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

"Every time I speak in public, do a photo shoot or attend a special event, I wear my Alana Leigh! My favorite Alana Leigh pearls were a birthday gift from my beloved husband, Richard Carlson, years ago. Then, I had the pleasure of meeting Alana and having the honor to call her a friend. Alana transmits her gratitude as a labor of love into each of her designs making every piece as lovely as she is and absolutely priceless."

Kristine Carlson - New York Times best-selling author (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff book series) and author of Heart Broken Open; frequent guest on national radio and television broadcasts including The Today Show, The View and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"I have been wearing Alana Leigh jewelry for almost 20 years. each piece is timeless and spectacularly captures the essence of what I love most about being a woman; passion, spirit and soul! I am inspired by Alana Leigh as a woman, cherish her work as a designer and will pass all of these prize pieces on as heirlooms ~ I can hardly wait to see her collection every season!!!! "

Maryanne Comaroto - Media personality

"Over the last 20 years, I have collected the most beautiful pieces of Alana Leigh jewlery and each piece remains timeless. There is not one piece that does not get a compliment when I wear it, and I love that I can wear Alana Leigh's pieces to work, with jeans, or evening about versatile! I love her collections, and I only hope to collect more in years to come!"

Rissa Watson

"Alana Leigh jewelry is exquisite. The quality is impeccable and the service Alana Leigh gives to her customers is personal and unmatched by any jeweler. I have been collecting Alana Leigh art for 10 years and I love my original pieces as much as my newer ones. Anytime I am wearing Alana Leigh, people compliment me on my jewelry. The pieces are brilliant and so versatile. Alana Leigh jewelry can be elegant, glamorous or even subtle and can be worn so many ways. The pieces are all so unique. I wear my Alana Leigh more than any other jewelry I own. Any ensemble becomes marvelous with Alana Leigh!"

Lisa Roberts - Las Vegas NV

"Alana's jewelry has become my signature statement. I wear my pieces for business, casually with jeans and as an accent to dress up an evening dress. My investment in her jewelry has put the finishing touch on my wardrobe."

Virginia Taylor

"I always feel elegant and sophisticated in Alana Leigh's jewelry. Her enlightened spirit and dedication to quality come through every piece."

Jan Dorian - Newport Beach, California

"Love, love love her jewels! Her pieces are timeless and on trend at the same time. The go-to favorites in the jewelry box. xo"

Robin H.

".....I have been wearing Alana Leigh jewelry for many years. Alana's jewelry is created with pure love and inspiration. Each piece I own is extraordinarily handcrafted. As if they spoke to me and said" take me home with you"! Alana's jewels are timeless and they are the perfect accessory to whatever I am wearing . I find I can wear her jewels both day and night and look and feel fabulous. Every time I wear an Alana Leigh piece , I am stopped by someone who wants to know about the artist and admire the piece. As a stylist, I find her jewelry to be the perfect accessory to complete whatever you are wearing. It is the perfect Statement Piece!"

Judy R. Domenici - Image Consultant

"I owned Alana Leigh jewelry long before I met Alana. I was drawn to the uniqueness of her early sliver designs and was thrilled when one day our paths crossed and I got to know the artist. Once you meet Alana, her jewelry takes on a much deeper value. She is a beautiful person inside and out and the jewelry is truly an extension of who Alana is and how she lives her life. It is rare that I am not approached by strangers commenting positively on Alana's jewelry. Not only do the stones act as strength and healing for me, they draw a positive reaction from others. Over the years, Alana has continued to expand as an artist. With every new line, I am amazed with how she has recreated her look yet kept a uniqueness that is Alana Leigh Designs. I look forward to being a life long customer and friend."

Nanette Gordon

"I have had the honor of wearing Alana Leigh for 14 years. Each piece offers something different and magical while keeping the consistency in design making each piece a work of art. Alana's designs are individual works of art with attention to every detail making her jewelry unique and one of a kind. Alana's semi precious stones and pearls light up my features which compliment my own natural beauty completing my look. I have never consistently worn a designer where I am frequently stopped in the street and given a compliment on my jewelry."

Alicia Hvistendahl

"I first met alana when she designed my bridesmaids' bracelets for my wedding 15 years ago. Through the years I have continued to collect her gorgeous pieces and she has become one of my dearest friends.

She embodies grace, beauty and creativity...AND I want to spend hours with her talking and laughing to boot. From a personal perspective, she is stunning...and from a professional one, genius."

Chrisse Otis

"I have been wearing Alana Leigh’s beautiful designs for over 10 years and I own over a dozen pieces. While they never go out of style, she also evolves ! Every beautifully crafted piece is so special to me and can be worn with jeans or black tie. Alana also evolves her collections so you always want more!"

Hillary Newsom - President, The Plumpjack Group

"I have loved Alana Leigh jewelry for decades now. I bought my first piece almost twenty years ago and have continued to add to my collection as often as possible since that time. Her pieces are incredibly stylish and unique. Knowing Alana personally has only added to my admiration of her and her jewels. She has a genuine desire to give back to women and society in general."

Jill Welch