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Alana Leigh jewelry is a personal experience from beginning to end. Hand-crafted by Alana Leigh in her private design studio, each piece of jewelry is one of a kind. Each of Alana's clients is one of a kind, too. Whether you are hosting an Alana Leigh jewelry party or placing a custom order, clients can expect impeccable attention to detail and gracious service.

Host A Party

Hosting an Alana Leigh trunk show is an elegant and festive way to celebrate life's events, to gather girlfriends "just because," or to raise money for an important cause. It is also a fabulous way for a group of men to do their holiday shopping! Alana and her hand-selected sales team provide consultation and advice. Personal fittings and adjustments can be made onsite.

Custom Creations

Alana's designs are limited editions of unique, handcrafted pieces often dependent on finding the perfect stone or unique fitting. If you have something specific in mind, please e-mail Alana to request a phone consultation to begin work on the perfect piece just for you.

Personalized Fittings

Alana is happy to adjust chain length and ring size or fine-tune the drape of a piece so that it fits you perfectly. This is most easily done when you host an Alana Leigh party, but can also be done by mail or appointment.

Hostess FAQ

  1. What are the benefits of hosting an Alana Leigh party?

    It depends on the format. For a jewelry party, the hostess receives 15% of total sales in Alana Leigh jewelry. For a charity fundraiser, 10-25% is donated to the chosen charity, depending on cost of travel and show expenses incurred . On occasion, a combination of both formats can be arranged with prior agreement. Additionally, each guest receives a complimentary jewelry color consultation. Alana brings all of her tools so that she is available for hands-on custom fittings and stone and length adjustments.

  2. I'd like to host an Alana Leigh event, how do I get started?

    Sign up online, think about a group of women you wish to invite, and we'll guide you from there!

  3. Do you have suggestions for creating my guest list?

    Co-workers, mothers from your children's school, girlfriends, friends of friends. We suggest on our invitations, "You and a friend are invited..."

  4. What is the ideal timeframe for choosing the date and sending out invitations?

    It's best to send invitations out two weeks in advance so guests can "save the date."

  5. A fundraising deadline snuck up on me, can you do a last-minute party?

    Alana can book last-minute events up to two weeks in advance.

  6. How are invitations sent out?

    An Evite is a great way to send an invitation. Or Alana can supply beautiful postcards with images of her jewelry to use as inserts in a nice paper printed invitation that you create.

  7. I know you live in San Francisco, will you travel for an event?

    Alana will travel for an event. She'll need a minimum of 20 guests for out-of-state travel. On occasion, she can make exceptions on the number of guests for highly-qualified lists.

  8. Are refreshments served at your trunk show? Who provides food & wine?

    Alana recommends a white wine and/or champagne. It is nice to have a cheese plate with crackers or nuts.

  9. Do you have people to help you show jewels and make sales?

    Alana has experienced stylists who accompany her to her shows to help with sales. The number she brings varies on the guest count.