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Thoughts on Becoming a Businesswoman

Success happens when you live the life you love, and by emanating that love, you share it with the world. When you walk in integrity and create products or projects that are in alignment with your spirit and moral values, you can accomplish your dreams. I have found that to fulfill a dream one must work very hard, courageously embrace obstacles, and step through the fear. I have learned that by facing the events and opportunities in my life that have scared me the most, I have achieved my greatest rewards and success.

All of my jewelry creations are infused with careful attention to every detail, and they carry a deeply evocative, meditative essence. The success of a business is about the desire and intention to offer something different, something unique and extraordinary that stands on its own. Success is about following through with your innovative ideas and holding true to your authentic core values and vision.

Through the years I have realized that true success comes from this: being fully present in the journey while knowing you’ll receive what you desire by genuinely and graciously appreciating what you already have. And most significantly, I have discovered the truth in the wisdom that it is not what happens to you in life, but it is how you respond to each situation and event that determines your quality of life and creates your future.

Enjoy each and every sacred, glorious moment! 

Images from left to right: Alana at home in San Francisco; Alana in Los Angeles.