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Cherish the Stone Meanings

I look at my life as a jewel box, collecting the pearls of wisdom in every day. I cherish the gems of truth that come to me as soft voices of encouragement, and revere the sacred treasures buried deep in some of the darkest places in my soul. What jewels can I bring back and share with the world?

In each Alana Leigh design I bring to life, I attempt to channel these precious nuggets of enlightenment, combining them with the powerful stone meanings that each gem carries. It is my mission to imbue the adornments I create for you with these keys I have learned, and to empower you to awaken to the beautiful, unique and radiant being that you are.

Unlocking the mystical treasures within and finding the silver lining in every day are enhanced greatly by the careful selection of jewels I put on each morning. These magical stones carry an inherent mystical energy within them. In ancient times, healers used stones for medicinal purposes, laying them on one’s chest to impart qualities like balance, grounding, courage, and tranquility.

Before I knew its meaning, I was instantly drawn to labradorite, an opalescent moss green gem lit by an internal fire which aligns with clairvoyance. When I wear a necklace ensconced with labradorite roundels or earrings encrusted with labradorite cabochons , I feel my intuition sing to me as clearly as a fog-less morning on the San Francisco Bay. I’ve had miraculous experiences, from the way I felt the moment I first saw my husband, to the instincts I followed for growing my business. The jewel also happens to match my eyes perfectly—a transcendent communion of color and essence, which makes labradorite one of my signature stones.

Choosing a piece for its meaning is as important as selecting a piece for its aesthetic beauty. Meditate on what speaks to you; perhaps it’s the courage inspired by aquamarine, the truth, love and faith emanating from pearls, the protection offered by amethyst, or the balance evoked by smoky topaz.

Enjoy my “Stone Meanings” page on my website . I have carefully prepared it for you to assist in opening up to the captivating transformation that takes place when you find that perfect match that lifts your spirit. When contemplating each creation, think: what kind of inspiration do I seek from this day? Then feel the energy flow from stone to being to soul.

Images from left to right.: Alana and her husband Don; A treasure chest of Alana's jewels; Alana's labradorite encrusted medallions.